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Tennessee Sweets Box

Tennessee Sweets Box

SKU: 364215375135196

Tennessee Sweets Box
This tasty box is filled with all things unique to Tennessee including: 

  • 6 Mini Moon Pies : invented in 1919 in Chattanooga TN!
  • 3 Goo Goo Clusters: invented in 1912 in Nashville, TN!
  • Twix candy: all Twix candy bars sold in the U.S. are made in Cleveland, TN!
  • 2 Oatmeal Creme Pies: invented in 1935 in Collegedale, TN!
  • 2 Cotton candy: invented as ”Fairy Floss” in 1897 by a Tennessee dentist!
  • 1 Freeze dried candy made locally in Rutherford County, TN!


**All orders placed online and picked up in store will receive 15% off

Use code:  PICKUP15


*** Free shipping in Tennessee, otherwise $4.99 flat shipping cost per box

*** No shipping to Alaska or Hawaii

*** Contact us for shipping costs for orders of more than 2 boxes

*** Limited time only!

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